Friday, 19 September 2014

Victory For The Union!

"Better Together" supporters celebrate the unionist victory as the
final results come in.
The results of Scotland's referendum on secession this morning: 55.3% voted no (2,001,926), 44.7% voted yes (1,617,989). The turnout was an amazing 84.59%, showing that if nothing else this referendum heightened public interest in politics considerably. 

From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank every one of those 2,001,926 Scots who cast their vote in favour of retaining our United Kingdom. In the days ahead their will be plenty of talk about devolution and constitutional reform, the long term impacts of this referendum; but for today at least, the atmosphere is one of celebration for those who love Great Britain. Let's crack out the whiskey and raise a glass o' cheer to the Queen and the People of Scotland and the United Kingdom!

Hip, hip- hurray!
Hip, hip- hurray!
Hip, hip- hurray!


  1. Hey, Rose and Thistle,

    As a fellow Unionist Activist Online, I join you in celebration! God preserve the ties that bind "our" United Kingdom: May they never be broken!

    Please feel free to visit my home blog:

    1. Hi Pearl of Tyburn, thanks for commenting. I'll be sure to take a look at your blog!

  2. Hi, King's Man,

    I am actually currently trying to piece together a book based on some of the interviews I did during the build-up to the referendum (see here: Would you ever be interested in being interviewed by me about your post-referendum thoughts?

    I am hoping that my little book will at least go some way in clearing up some of the erroneous misconceptions some of my fellow Americans have about what just almost happened! The more people, here and there, are given the true story, the less likely it is they will be scooped up by nationalist rantings, and less power the nats will be able to have over the imagination.

    Anyway, if you might be interested, please email me here:

    God bless,