Sunday, 6 April 2014

For Queen and Country

This is the first post I have ever made to my first ever blog, so naturally I want to start by thanking anyone who actually takes the time to read this. If you are reading this, you may well have worked out by now the nature of this blog- this is the blog of a proud British patriot, monarchist and traditionalist, and is written from that point of view. My ambition is simply to add my voice to a growing chorus calling for Western civilization to revisit the values it has largely turned its back on; social hierarchy, chivalry, faith, loyalty, sustainability, localism and above all the basis of all great civilisations, the monarchy. At the same time, I wish to highlight which voices amidst the chorus represent true wisdom and which would lead us all down a very dark path indeed- the mantle of traditionalism has been usurped increasingly in recent times by those who subscribe to decidedly unsavoury ideas of racial supremacism, authoritarianism and ultra-nationalism.

"From the Son of Heaven down to the mass of people, all must consider the
cultivation of the person the root of everything besides." - Confucius
Although I have a particular interest, in light of the Scottish secession referendum fast approaching us, in promoting Scottish monarchism and British unionism by promoting knowledge of and interest in Scotland's rich royal past and countering the arguments of nationalists and republicans, I have no intention of limiting the scope of this blog to Scotland or even to the British Isles. Throughout the world there are grave injustices to be righted, great civilisations crumbling and solutions from history and tradition that are being overlooked. More than any other thinker, Confucius has influenced my view of the proper organisation of society and the path to becoming a man (or woman) of virtue, and yet today his teachings are being corrupted as a way of propping up the Chinese socialist regime that is responsible for destroying his legacy, all the achievements of some 2,000 years of Imperial rule handwaved with the label of "feudalism." The Islamic world, once a shining beacon of civilisation, of science, faith and good government, is now seen as a backwards, war-torn place by the rest of the world. One hundred years after the start of the war that spelled doom for the House of Romanov, Russia is governed by a former member of the Soviet-era secret police and dominated by organised crime.

Adolf Freiherr von Harnier, hero of the Bavarian monarchist
movement, enemy of the Nazis, and my long time hero.
Society today faces some of the greatest challenges humanity as a species has ever been faced with, whether we realise it or not. A growing population is putting increased pressures on  finite resources that are inevitably running out; the natural environment is suffering as a result of human activities; morality is becoming unfashionable across the developed world, and a tool of oppression in developing countries; since the 1940s, for the first time in the Earth's history a living organism- us- have possessed the power to cause destruction on a scale previously reserved for Mother Nature, equipped as we now are with nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Never before have we been in greater need of our collective experience and the words of history's wisest men and women to guide us through tumultuous times. The keys to our future lie in the past. It is by looking to the past that we will find our salvation.

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